Cosmic Baby Names

Let the Cosmos name your child

We are a team of professional, enlightened individuals who specialize in cosmic revelation and cosmic baby name-finding. We offer potent and powerful names accquired through a strict and tested process that involves conscious and subconscious interactions with the Cosmos and Higher Beings.

What is a cosmic name?

Cosmic names are those given to us by the Cosmos. They are names with a strong palpating aura that can shield the owner from misfortune, disease, and tragedy, while supplying them with strength, willpower, and the ability to find true love. Cosmic names are specific to each individual. The same name may have different effects on different children, so it is imporant to find the right name for them.

Finding the right name

Names shape us and our lives and the effect they have on us is too often overlooked. It is important to find a powerful name with a strong cosmic charge, and we offer just that. Names in our listing have been spoken to us through the Cosmos. The right name for your child will speak to you in the same way. Contact us if you are unsure if a certain name is right for your child.

Imposter businesses

Beware of fake cosmic name selling businesses both on and offline. We are the only authentic cosmic name vendor currently working in the US that has been approved by the International Committee on Cosmic Interactions (ICCI).

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