Reading Response E

Readings for Project 2. Local Website

Maya Lin Making of the Memorial
The Conversation Series HUO & Cedric Price
and Paul Ford Reboot the World

Response As much as I enjoyed the other two readings, Paul Ford's article on decentralizing the internet, for some reason, has stuck with me the most – especially his concluding paragraph. There's something strangely poetic in the idea of moving away from a centralized internet (I've been thinking a lot about poetry an the internet and where their similarities and differences lie, especially while working on my CSS Typeface project), as if it could be a metaphor for going against the grain, going back to something more primitive (albeit, still wildly technologically advanced), an escapade, a possibility for lost intimacy or privacy. It also feels dytopian and Orwellian to ruminate on living in a world where my personal information is so readily available because I unknowingly but willingly make it that way. I think this gives me a good start to thinking about the local website project and creating a site that is only accessible by me or a small group of people in a specific location.

Discussion question Does a decentralized internet appeal to you? Is it somewhat poetic, or is that just me?